Shiver me timbers!

Previous plunders and pillages of the pavement in St. Paul!

November 8, 2014

July 12, 2014

Next Proposed Dates:

March ?, 2015 in River Falls,WI

June 6?, 2015 in St. Paul, MN

(Will include and updated map with proposed stop times, possibly central location for silent auctions)

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A Pirate Pub Crawl for Prosthetics!

A Costume Party fundraising event! What would pirates band together for? Get a mate a hook, a peg leg, an eye patch...A Pirate Pub Crawl for Prosthetics! I'm just a guy trying to start something to help local families through transitional times after amputations.

Come pillage 'n' plunder the pavement!

"Because some Battles aren't fought with Gunpowder & Volley."

100% of the proceeds from wristbands, t-shirts, can coozies, 50/50's will go to an individual family sponsored for the event.

Treasure map



Thanks to the Grog stops for their support

Bay Street Grill


J.R. Mac's

Joe & Stan's




The Spot

Tav on the Ave.



Coozie wristband

T-Shirts $18

Coozies $2

Wristbands $3

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Pirates for Prosthetics

From the July 12th

Wind in our sails

Pirates for Prosthetics Pub Crawl

"Prosthetics" vs. "Prosthesis":

Yes, 'prosthetics' and 'prosthesis' are both nouns, 'prosthetic' can be an adjective..